Best Places to Watch the World Series

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Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers fans should be excited – their teams are in the World Series! After 162 regular season games and impressive postseason performances, these two teams have emerged as the representatives of the best baseball has to offer from the American and National Leagues. With news relaying that the average ticket price (at least in Los Angeles) exceeded $3,100, it may not be in the cards for every fan to see a World Series game in person.

If you still want to watch the games in the company of like-minded fans and feel the energy of every inning, there’s another way to get in the spirit of the World Series without having to show up at the stadium. Several restaurants and bars are catering to the Houston and Los Angeles fans who want to catch the action without breaking the bank. Here are just a few places you can add to your list of venues for watching the Astros sweep the Dodgers, or for watching the Dodgers finish the job against the Astros, depending on your allegiances.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Woodman

Let's do this. #TGIF

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Several visitors to The Woodman have dropped a five-star review online, conferring the establishment is a great place to watch the Dodgers play. With towers of onion rings, a strong selection of beers, and several TV viewing options, you’re in the right place to take the Dodgers action without breaking the bank.

33 Taps

33 Taps is a place Dodgers fans recommend visiting before and after the game because it’s just that good! They also speak highly about the wings and about how the restaurant and bar take their sports very seriously. Fans celebrated the Dodgers’ NL champions series at both locations in Hollywood and Silver Lake and are surely ready to head back for the World Series campaign.

The Short Stop

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Known as the place where “Dodger bros rub elbows with hipsters guys,” The Short Stop is a fine place to cheer on the Dodgers among like-minded fans. Don’t expect to find a menu of artisanal entrees with farm-raised, organic quail eggs, though – this is a sports bar through and through, and you must be 21 years of age or older to enter this pro-Dodgers dive.

Houston Astros

Lucky’s Pub

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If you want the authentic experience of being an Astros fan in Houston and don’t have pockets deep enough for a stadium ticket, head to Lucky’s Pub. With great happy hour deals before games, massive screens, and plenty of Astros fans, you’ll feel right at home.

West Alabama Ice House

Let's do this! GO 'STROS! #earnhistory #htx #houstonstrong

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Want a memorable Texas sports bar experience? West Alabama Ice House delivers. With plenty of outdoor seating, TVs to take in the game, and the iconic Tacos Tierra Caliente food truck on site, this place checks all the boxes. Food? Check. Drinks? Check. Game? Check.

Little Woodrow’s

That was such a nerve-wracking game, Houston. One more W, baby! 🤘🏽

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They’re a local chain with several locations ready to host all Astros fans, but be warned: Don’t come expecting a diverse food menu, or a food menu. Little Woodrow’s is all about having a true fan party, so come with a full belly (or keep an eye open for local food trucks that can fill the void).

Big TVs, Full Bellies, Can’t Lose

Whether you’re taking in the game at the stadium inside one of these fine establishments, or at home with a group of friends, show everyone who you’re backing – the Astros or Dodgers – by making sure you have the best officially licensed MLB merchandise and apparel from Fanatics. Enjoy the World Series, everyone!


5 Coolest Fan Car Mods (and How to Copy Them)

Passion for our favorite teams doesn’t end when the game is over. Bragging rights, fantasy sports, NCAA brackets, and watching the latest sports news is a 24/7 job for any sports junkie. The game is as much a religion as it is superstitious. Eating the right foods, crossing your fingers, and wearing that salsa stained jersey is all part of the ritual.

But some fans go beyond the ritual. One Seattle Seahawks fan famously got a tattoo of his team winning the super bowl before it happened that very same year. Unfortunately, that inspired one unlucky Detroit Lions fan to do the same in 2015 to no avail. Yet, fandom may never extend as far as the thousands of dollars fans have poured into modifying their cars into their tributes and idols of their favorite sports teams.  

Hyundai’s World Cup Cars


The World Cup is probably the most celebrated sports event worldwide besides the Olympic Games. In 2010, Hyundai took part in the festivities by modifying their own i10 models with World Cup themes. These cars were displayed in the UK after being previously damaged by Top Gear expert Jeremy Clarkson.

The exterior of each car is outfitted with artificial turf replicating the design of a soccer field. One interior of the car has a blue color scheme and the other grass green. The headrests of each vehicle have been replaced by footballs, the side mirrors with football cleats and the rims with footballs.

Attempting to modify a ride like this will be next to impossible unless you own a giant soccer ball to place on your roof. While this may not be legal, there are many aftermarket accessories available to modify your ride. Soccer designed rims are very cheap and you can buy synthetic car covers modeled after artificial turf designs to wrap around your entire exterior. The rest just requires you to be creative. Buy some soccer inspired seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel designs and wrap a pair of soccer cleats around your rearview mirror. Slap on some team logo stickers and you’ve got yourself a car ready for the 2018 World Cup, MLS Championship or UEFA Cup.



The Seattle Seahawks may have the most dedicated fandom car club in the world. This infamous ride comes from a Seahawks fanatic from Everett, Mike Wear. The inspiration supposedly came from a classic, blue Volkswagen Beetle that appeared for sale on Facebook. With some Seahawk logo stickers and some vinyl wrap, he was able to trick out this classic car into his prized Hawkmobile.

The Hawkmobile was invited to join the Wheels of Boom, a Seahawks dedicated car club that tours the Northwest United States. Soon, Mike Wear was touring charity events, driving down Evergreen Speedway with his ride, and meeting some of the Seahawks most notable players. If that’s not incentive enough to show your spirit, imagine impressing Richard Shermon with your tricked out your ride.

Before you go modeling your car after the Hawkmobile to make some money of your own, it’s ideal to consult the organization your car is modeled after for copyright issues concerning their logo usage. With that said, a few rolls of vinyl wrapping shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars and it adheres to cars without any sticky residue. They also last five-to-seven years and some members of the Wheels of Boom use Exacto knives to make the cutouts. Wear painted his hood panels green and slapped on some Seahawks stickers to the complete the design.

Altogether replicating a ride like this depends on finding the right car like Wear’s Volkswagen Beetle. Altogether, the cost of a ride like this won’t be more than a few hundred dollars and none of the vinyl cutout does any damage to the car’s paint job.

Finding the Best 49ers Ride


The 49ers CEO Jed York conducted his own Twitter contest to find the best 49ers inspired vehicle for an upcoming game. At the top of the list was this beautiful Ford Mustang. With a simple gold paint job, some cool Mustang mods and a 49ers sticker slapped on the side, this car won as the best 49ers inspired vehicle in many fans’ minds.

The beauty of this car lies in the simplicity of the 49ers design. Unlike other teams, the 49ers brand is built around a simple metallic gold and red color scheme. With a metallic gold paint job, red LED lights, red rims, and a 49ers decal, you can transform any classic car into a team inspired mobile statue.

Antonio Brown’s Insane Rolls-Royce


Perhaps the most insane football inspired vehicle came from a professional NFL player himself. This stunning Rolls-Royce was purchased by Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown for his own personal collection. The seductive black design perfectly fits the Pittsburgh Steelers color scheme along with a yellow stripe down the middle of the car. The most surprising feature of this car is Brown’s preposterously big signature lining the passenger side of the car.  

While a Roll’s Royce may not fit into your personal budget, a classic muscle car in black could provide the same edge and beauty that a Rolls-Royce does. With a solid color design that conforms to your team’s brand, you can place an accompanying stripe down the middle of your car to truly show off your team colors. Instead of finding a professional NFL player to place an enormous signature on your car, it may be cheaper and more available to simply slap a decal on the side of your ride or some jersey numbers from your favorite players that conform to the color scheme.

“Pac-man Fever truck”


If you’re not afraid to piss off a few Chicago Bears fans than this uniquely inspired Pacman, Green Bay Packers truck could be the ultimate ride for you. Rodriquez ironically acquired the Green Bay helmet from a garage sale for $15 dollars and stuck it on the roof of his truck. Featured on the interior is countless Packers memorabilia, including green and yellow Christmas lights. On the outside is a giant Pacman (cheesehead) devouring Chicago Bears decals. The Green Bay-Chicago rivalry is one the most renowned in the sports world and this truck perfectly displays Rodriguez’s team spirit while expressing bragging rights.

If you’re looking to create a fun-themed ride like this than the first step is obviously coming up with a theme. Rodriquez painted his side panels with green paint and the rest of the car in yellow. You can find countless sports team decals online for a low price and you can modify the interior of your car with team inspired seat covers, steering wheel covers, and dashboard memorabilia. Add some flags, your own team helmet, and some tailgating gear in the bed and you’ll ready to show your pride come next season.

Why I’m Excited for This Trailblazers Season

I moved to Portland in May 1992, the day before the Blazers started their second-round series against the Phoenix Suns. We took out the Suns and Utah Jazz in thrilling fashion before coming up short against the Chicago Bulls in the Finals. Little did I know at the time that the most thrilling Blazers basketball would be played in the first six weeks of my residence in RipCity.

Portland Trailblazers

By Another BelieverOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Since then, we’ve suffered through the “not good enough” teams of the ’90s, the JailBlazers of the early 2000s, the unfulfilled promise of Brandon Roy and Greg Oden, and last season’s defection of LaMarcus Aldridge / roster reboot that should have sent us back to the bottom of the league…except it didn’t.

damian_lillardLast year’s unexpected and exciting run to the second run of the playoffs was the most exciting time since 1992 to be a Blazers fan. With Damian Lillard already the face of the franchise and locked into a long-term deal, the team decided that they like its current makeup, and elected to sign their core players to long-term contracts while adding some new key pieces, risking costly salary cap penalties that could hit the following season.

Why would owner Paul Allen take this risk? He clearly believes in the potential of the team. But, what makes it easier is that their players are not only great talents but are tremendous ambassadors for the community and have great fan appeal. The ubiquity of Social Media has allowed the community and the fan base to develop deeper relationship with the players…and might have contributed to them staying here long-term.

Leonard Meyers

For example, Meyers Leonard has tremendous potential as a big man who can shoot 3-pointers like a guard while also fulfilling the traditional defensive / rebounding roles of a center / power forward. He’s yet to fulfill his potential, but he received a 4-year contract extension based on his unique talents. He also likes to dance for his dog and is a fan favorite.

  1. C.J. McCollum also got a massive contract extension even though he only had his breakout season last year. He combines with Lillard to form an offensive backcourt pairing every bit as good as Curry / Thompson in Golden State. Yet, his newfound success has still kept him humble; though he has guaranteed his financial future, he’s still training for life after the NBA…as a sports journalist.

Allen Crabbe had a solid year as a bench player that generated a huge offer from Brooklyn, which was quickly matched. Like Leonard and McCollum, Crabbe is a very well-liked, popular player and, like McCollum, Crabbe only had one year as a rotation player before the team committed to him long-term. Currently, Crabbe and McCollum are representing the NBA in China…a trip that Lillard made earlier in the summer.

The Blazers also committed long-term to Maurice Harkless, a near “freebie” pickup from Orlando the previous season; Celtics veteran Evan Turner; and Warriors Center Festus Ezeli, who surprisingly showed up in the Portland Airport one day and signed a contract the next.

How will the Blazers do this year? Some of the prognosticators aren’t picking them to improve much despite their very successful second half of the season and maturation of their roster. We think we’re a top-4 team in the West (along with the Warriors, Spurs and Clippers). They should win 50-54 games this year (barring catastrophe) and take the division title away from the Thunder.

Most importantly, this should even be a more exciting season that last year. The fans were excited for the playoff run, but most felt that they’d exit quickly. Nobody could have predicted that they would knock out the Clippers and bloody the Warriors in the fashion that they did. The people in Portland are anxious to see the momentum from the second half of last season extend the entirety of this season; with the new pieces in place and Paul Allen’s financial commitment to the team and to coach Terry Stotts, we’re really excited for a high win total and a deep playoff run.


By Todd Mintz

Todd Mintz, is a massive Portland Trailblazers fan. He also has been with 3Q Digital ( since March 2011, has worked in search engine marketing since 2000 and has used Google AdWords since it began. He was one of the founding members of SEMpdx ( (Portland’s Search Engine Marketing Group), is a current board member, and writes regularly on their blog.


Images sourced CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


TOP 10 Best-Selling Soccer Player Jersey 2016

Messi, Ronaldo toppled in annual top-selling shirts countdown

After an extended period of dominance from Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, a new king of has been crowned – but who came out on top in our third annual player printing countdown? reveals all, as we put our sales figures under the microscope.
Click here for last year’s rundown – or read on for the top ten best-selling player shirts 2016…

10)      Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City)

Despite seeing his Belgian side unceremoniously dumped out of EURO 2016, midfield marvel Kevin de Bruyne has wowed Kitbag customers sufficiently to become the first of six new entries on our chart. Contributing the opener in September’s Manchester derby win at Old Trafford, the 25-year old was on target again a week later in the Premier League leaders’ 4-0 demolition of Bournemouth at the Etihad. Does a first career English domestic title await? Shop for De Bruyne jerseys.

09)      Anthony Martial (Manchester United)

Shifting to the #11 shirt to accommodate the incoming Zlatan Ibrahimović, Manchester United’s Anthony Martial makes his first appearance in our October countdown, off the back of a successful first season in the English Premier League. Finishing up the Old Trafford club’s leading goalscorer for 2015-16, Martial has seen some of Jose Mourinho’s high-profile signings take precedence this season, but was able to net his first goal of the campaign at home to Stoke City in early October; albeit days after our period of focus concluded. Shop for Martial jerseys.

08)      Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)

Starting the 2016-17 season with an irresistible burst of form, Sergio Aguero has helped his Manchester City command a slender, one-point lead at the peak of the Premier League table, while helping himself to a formidable 11-goal feast across all competitions. Among Aguero’s early season victims, the likes of Sunderland,  Stoke City and Steaua Bucherest and while Borussia Monchengladbach may have weathered September’s Manchester storm, the Bundesliga side were ultimately unable to contend with Aguero’s attacking force, as the Argentinian claimed a hat-trick 24 hours later in UEFA Champions League play.


07)      Luis Suarez (Barcelona)

One of European club football’s proverbial Marmite figures, the inimitable Luis Suarez did enough in recent months to play his way into our top ten; the third newcomer on our list, yet far from a stranger to success. Providing an affirmative answer to any questions of marketability that his controversial career might throw up, Suarez opened his account for 2016-17 in Barcelona’s Supercopa triumph, before claiming a hat-trick in the Catalans’ 6-2 thrashing of Real Betis and making a landmark 100th appearance in Barcelona colours. Shop for Suarez jerseys.


06)      Gareth Bale (Real Madrid)

The pride of Wales, Gareth Bale is the only player from the British isles to crack our top ten countdown and another newcomer on the 2016 list. Scoring his first goal of the new campaign only two minutes into Real Madrid’s La Liga opener, Bale would add a second in stoppage time to rubber-stamp the 3-0 win at Real Socieded, before nabbing the equaliser against Eibar at the Bernabeu in early October. Back on home soil, Bale would later edge ever-closer to Ian Rush’s international goalscoring record in Wales’ 1-1 qualifying draw with Georgia. Shop for Gareth Bale jerseys.


05)      Neymar jr. (Barcelona)

Moving up two places from our countdown a year ago, Barcelona star Neymar Jr. is yet to return to the heights of 2014, when he finished as runner-up. Nevertheless, his consistency as a shirt seller can only be commended, with the Brazilian one of only three players to rank in our chart in all of the three years compiled. A recurrent threat to goal, as demonstrated by his successful free-kick against Celtic, Neymar’s four assists in the Champions League humbling of the Hoops re-affirmed his status as a key component in the Barça team jigsaw. Shop for Neymar jerseys.


04)      Paul Pogba (Manchester United)

Returning to Old Trafford after a starring role at EURO 2016, expectations surrounding Frenchman Paul Pogba have reached an almost-immediate high; and while the potential of Manchester United’s investment is still to be realised on the pitch, Pogba’s popularity has already been reflected by significantly strong shirt sales. Debuting in the 2-0 home win over Southampton, before breaking his deadlock for 2016-17 in the 4-1 defeat of champions Leicester, time will tell if Pogba’s promising start results in the silverware he covets. Shop for Pogba jerseys.


03)      Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

A familiar face on the list to say the least, Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2016 has ranged from the sublime to the storybook, as the Portuguese pin-up pinned down UEFA Champions League honours, before becoming the only player in our ten to win the European Championship. Back in La Liga, Ronaldo returned from injury to help dispatch Osasuna, before scoring in each of the Spanish club’s latest European outings, as they begin their defence of the UCL title. Shop for Ronaldo jerseys.

02)      Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

Finally heaved from his lofty perch, the majestic Lionel Messi continues to shift replica shirts like few of his like have before, yet the Argentinian has ultimately failed to repeat the level of sales success that led him to the top spot in 2014 and 2015. Taking solace in retaining his edge over career rival Ronaldo, one-club man Messi bagged a brace for his beloved Barcelona against Betis to begin 2016-17, scoring twice more in the 5-1 win at Leganes. Shop for Messi jerseys.4792243

01)      Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United)

Literally towering above the competition, our highest-ranking newcomer and the king of 2016 is the mighty Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Recently turning 35, Zlatan is the oldest player on our list yet has emphatically captured the imagination of our customer base since Manchester was welcomed to Zlatan in typical style this summer. Scoring on his competitive debut at Bournemouth to continue an impressive streak of first impressions in La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and the UEFA Champions League alike, Ibrahimovic was additional on target in August’s Community Shield and September’s Manchester derby; while scoring twice to see off Southampton in the campaign’s inaugural Friday night fixture. The duration of the Swedish star’s Premier League stay may currently be unclear; yet the support received by way of his phenomenal shirt sales to date offers a clear message from the faithful… Shop for Ibrahimović jerseys.

Long live the (new) king.


Relegation Zone

Memphis Depay is our countdown’s biggest faller; the Dutchman dropping off the chart from the dizzy heights of third 12 months ago, after falling out of first team favour in Manchester.

Bastian Schweinsteiger finished fourth in 2015, but has since been frozen out at Old Trafford, as Jose Mourinho moves to bring in his own in pursuit of EPL redemption.

Eden Hazard saw his Belgian side flatter to deceive at EURO 2016, much as his Chelsea team had done the preceding domestic season. Scoring twice against UCL holders Real Madrid in July’s International Champions’ Cup and again in Chelsea’s first two home games of new season, the midfielder nevertheless plummets off our list, from a high of fifth position.

Wayne Rooney will hardly need reminding of his downturn in popularity, following a veritable kicking from the media and public alike and the recent removal of his England captain’s armband. Once a mainstay in lists such as ours, Manchester United’s decorated marksman will require an upturn in form and fortune to return to our chart next time.

Alexis Sanchez reluctantly joins the England skipper in the doldrums; the Arsenal man plunging off our countdown, after two consecutive years among’s key sellers.

Phillippe Coutinho completes the list of fallers; the Liverpool forward failing to bring home the Europa League trophy and experiencing further defeat in the Copa America Cenentario, in spite of scoring his first international hat-trick in the colours of his native Brazil.

Numbers Game

Only four clubs are represented in our 2016 top ten, with Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid providing an even split of players from the Premier League and La Liga and an equal 50% share between the Nike and adidas brands. Eight different nationalities are featured in the countdown, with Argentina and France contributing a pair of players apiece and with two of the top ten currently in their 30s, four others were born in the decade of the ’90s. Meanwhile, the most commonly-selected shirt number in our list is #11, as worn by three of our leading shirt sellers. The total sum of the squad numbers featured arrives at a satisfying 101, with a gap of 11 between the highest (de Bruyne’s #17) and the lowest (Pogba’s #6). Elsewhere, in terms of footballing silverware, our top ten have snared a total of five Premier League titles between them, as well as 16 La Liga championships and 11 UEFA Champions Leagues. Finally, while our ten featured players have been capped 774 times for their respective national teams, not one of them has managed to win a FIFA World Cup; an intriguing fact to ponder, as we conclude our sales analysis. AC

As in 2014 and 2015, the 2016 list focuses on club shirt sales from 1 July to 30 September on

Toronto Blue Jays Walk-Up Songs

The world is watching as the Toronto Blue Jays won the wild card game with a walk-off homerun in the 11th inning. Blue Jays fans still believe. And the team just may pull it off.

As you watch the game, listen carefully for a time-honored baseball tradition: In any MLB game, the moment marking a player’s transition from sidelines to spotlight – whether it be from the on-deck circle to the batter’s box or from the bullpen to the pitcher’s mound – is taut with excitement and anticipation.

Cue the walk-up music.

A player’s walk-up song is crucial. In those final seconds that it takes to enter the field, this anthem gives the crowd a chance to show their overwhelming support and the player a chance to gather his confidence and focus on the challenge ahead. While the title, artist, and genre of the song depend on each player’s personal preference, you’ll notice some common themes in players’ song selections.

Songs of the Blue Jays

Sounds of the Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays prefer hip-hop over any other genre: Thirteen players chose rap songs for their walk-up music. Both Dalton Pompey and Jose Bautista decided on songs by Toronto native Drake (“Know Yourself” and “Trophies” respectively), while the remaining 11 chose songs by rap artists ranging from Kendrick Lamar (“Alright”) and Wiz Khalifa (“We Dem Boyz”) to The Notorious B.I.G. (“Hypnotize”) and Naughty by Nature (“Hip Hop Hooray”).

The rest of the team has varied tastes. Pop is the second-most popular genre, followed by country, R&B, and Latin. David Price and Roberto Osuna hype up the crowd with electronic music, while Marco Estrada and Brett Cecil take a different approach with heavy metal hits; Scott Copeland stands alone in his choice of Bob Marley’s reggae/ska sound, while Drew Hutchison appeals to the crowd with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Saturday Night Special.” And, believe it or not, R.A. Dickey enters the field with the theme song from “Game of Thrones” announcing his arrival.

Do Songs Affect Stats?

Our research of the MLB overall uncovered some interesting data concerning walk-up music. Players who chose hip-hop songs, for example, actually hit the fewest home runs, while players who opted for indie/alternative music hit the most. Whether or not walk-up music has any sort of correlation to player performance, fans hope some of these songs help energize the Blue Jays during the rest of their series performance. While you wait for the next game, check out the Spotify playlist we put together of the Blue Jays’ favorite walk-up songs, and stay tuned for the rest of our walk-up music analysis!

Update: find other MLB teams’ player walk up songs at the MLB Walk Up Songs application at Fanatics


New York Mets Walk-Up Songs

If you are a fan of the New York Mets, you have a lot to be happy about. The New York Mets play in the 2016 off-season again. 

The Soundtrack of a Sweep

While sometimes overlooked, a team’s walk-up music helps to frame a player’s performance. For the 15 seconds a player has to advance from the on-deck circle to the batter’s box or from the bullpen to the pitching mound, the walk-up music is the only chance that player has to psych himself up, to get the crowd behind him, or to intimidate his opponent. For most players, the walk-up song is a serious part of the superstition of play, requiring debate and deliberation about its choice and blind adherence should it yield positive results.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen that one U.F.C. movie with Kevin James in it,” d’Arnaud told The New York Times, referencing the comedy “Here Comes the Boom.” “The teacher talks about how in war they used to play their battle songs to get you ready for the war. And for me, that moment, that’s my war with the pitcher, so I need something to get me hyped up and get me ready to go out there and see a baseball coming at me at 95 miles an hour.”

While the idea of personalized entrance music for baseball players is a relatively new one – popularized in the movie “Major League” – it has become as quintessential a part of the way fans relate to and identify their favorite players as the players’ jersey numbers themselves.

As the Mets await the winner of the ALCS, we have prepared a New York Mets playlist, including the favorite walk-up songs of the batting and relief pitching squads.

sounds of the New York Mets

The New York Beat

Reflecting the multiculturalism of the Mets and New York City in general, Latin music dominates the Mets’ walk-up music list. Alex Torres (El Vega’s “Te Encontre”), Dilson Herrera (El Barbero’s “Si La Vieran Bailar”), Juan Lagares (Jay the Prince’s “Mas Flow Que Dinero”) and Juan Uribe (Marc Anthony’s “Vivir Mi Vida”) have all indicated – according to – that their favorite walk-up songs are Latino in flavor.

This differs from the league, where hip-hop/rap rules the walk-up charts, with rock closely following. As for the the Mets, nine of the favorite walk-up songs are Latino, seven are hip-hop/rap, and five are rock.

While there is no scientific correlation between type of music and performance, it is safe to say that players who feel good in the batter’s box will perform better.

Explaining to The New York Times his choice of “0 to 100 / The Catch Up” by Drake as his walk-up music, Travis d’Arnaud says, “Because when I walk up to the plate, it makes me feel really good.”

As the Mets move one step closer to claiming their first World Series title since 1986, one thing is assured: The team’s victories will be staged by its players’ entrance themes. When fans reflect on this season, it will be the walk-up music that helps to frame the memories of this amazing run.

Mets fans can watch the game at McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon @ Citi Field, Flushing, New York

Update: find other MLB teams’ player walk up songs at the MLB Walk Up Songs application at Fanatics


Chicago Cubs Walk-Up Songs

The Cubs are making their way to the playoffs this year.

Walk-Up Song Synergy

Anyone with an ounce of superstition tends to believe that the right walk-up songs produce good karma for their favorite teams. The music plays, the player gets pumped, the crowd goes wild.

In perhaps the best-known example, Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro made headlines earlier this year for his catchy walk-up song choice: “Ando En La Versace” by Omega. Not only did the fans go wild, but the whole team clapped along, from the bullpen catcher to the relievers. Even a player from the opposing team admitted he’d had a hard time not clapping along.

While you wait to see what the series brings next, we’ve compiled a Chicago Cubs playlist for you, featuring players’ favorite walk-up songs.

Songs of the Cubs

Sounds of the Cubs

When it comes to genres, hip-hop/rap and Latin music are top choices for Cubs players. Next comes metal, and country, electronic, and punk/emo music tie for least popular.

How does that play out? Upbeat, catchy tunes rule the field… Yoervis Medina and David Ross walk up – and fans get down – to “Funky Cold Medina” by Tone Loc. Jake Arrieta rocks out to Ronald Jenkees’s “Disorganized Fun.” Songs by Green Day, Linkin Park, and Quiet Riot also make the cut.

Let’s Walk

Our research of the league overall uncovered some interesting stats when it comes to walk-up songs. Players who walked up to electronic music average the highest batting averages, while players who walked up to rock averaged the lowest. Players who opted for alternative/indie music batted the most home runs, and batters who favor hip-hop/rap hit the fewest.

When it comes to pitching, players who favor rock had the best average and the most strikeouts. Pitchers who chose metal or country walk-up songs had the lowest performance.

Whether or not you believe there’s a correlation, one thing is certain: The Cubs can use all the help they can get. So crank up the tunes!

Update: find other MLB teams’ player walk up songs at the MLB Walk Up Songs application at Fanatics


Hangout with Von Miller MVP SB50

Von Miller, Denver Broncos MVP for Super Bowl 50 answered live questions from fans at the Fanatics Player Hangout

She said YES – Undercover marriage proposal with Anthony Rizzo

On Saturday, May 14, after defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates 8-2 and smashing a 3-run HR, Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo went undercover and assisted with the proposal of life-long Cubs fans Steve Milsap and his girlfriend Leslie during the Fanatics memorabilia show in Chicago. Leslie thought the real surprise was for her 9 year old daughter, who calls Rizzo her favorite player to meet the star – that’s when Steve dropped to one knee and popped the big question, complete with a “Marry Me” Cubs jersey with Rizzo’s #44.

Here at Fanatics we pride ourselves to deliver the ultimate fan experience. At our Fanatics Authentic shows, the fans get the chance to meet their favorite athletes of the team they root for on the field. One of those fans, Steve Milsap, came to Fanatics with the idea to ask his girlfriend Leslie to marry him. We were happy to help Steve, and organize a special undercover meet-and-greet with Anthony Rizzo, star player of the Chicago Cubs.

surprise marriage proposal with Anthony Rizzo at the Fanatics Authentic show in Chicago

surprise marriage proposal with Anthony Rizzo at the Fanatics Authentic show in Chicago

surprise marriage proposal with Anthony Rizzo at the Fanatics Authentic show in Chicago

Marriage proposal with Anthony Rizzo

Warriors History with Fanatics Employees

Tonight, at 10:30 ET, the Golden State Warriors will host the Memphis Grizzlies at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California for the 82nd and final regular season game for both teams. Both teams have playoff berths clinched, but that won’t be on anyone’s mind. The Warriors, with a record of 72-9, are one win shy of breaking the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record for most wins in an NBA season.

It’s a potentially historical night and a nearly impossible ticket to get. But for two lucky Fanatics employees, their tickets are already punched. A ticket to the Warriors’ final regular season home game was the prize for winning the Fanatics internal March Mania college basketball bracket challenge, and now it’s turned into the chance to witness history and the envy of any sports fan.

Fanatics emplyees as fans of the warriors are lucky to have won tickets to a historical game

We sat down to talk to one of the winners:

I’m really excited! I’ve been rooting for this team the whole year. More than teams, I really love the sport and I love watching all the exciting things happening, watching records get broken, watching big upsets. Like some of the Warriors games that they lost this year were just the most bizarre to watch but also really exciting. But yeah, to be there for a game like this, that is pretty historic, and having watched as a kid when Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were breaking that record, and Steve Kerr, I guess was on the team, it was really exciting, especially, because there’s no way I could have gone if I didn’t win [March Mania at Fanatics]. We couldn’t buy Warriors tickets. They’re so expensive. We used to buy Bulls tickets for like 35, 40 bucks at the most, and go and have pretty good seats in Chicago. And then coming out here and there is just no way we can go to any games, so it’s pretty exciting.


My favorite sport to watch has always been basketball. I also watch tennis, but really not much of anything else. As a kid we didn’t have any teams anywhere nearby – I grew up in New Mexico and the closest team was probably the Dallas Cowboys. I guess Phoenix might be a little closer than that, I’m not sure. But yeah, pretty much everybody was either a Broncos fan, a Cowboys fan, or something else, but I was never really into football. It was a big football town. It drove me crazy that everybody was so obsessed with it, so I was really interested in basketball more than anything else.


As a kid, I liked college basketball. I liked the Tar Heels, North Carolina, so I picked to win, which luckily somehow I won the bracket without picking the winner, but anyways. And it came down to the last second. That was really devastating. I thought I lost, for sure. But yeah, as a kid I liked the Tar Heels.


I liked reading the history of sports. I liked reading about players like Mickey Mantle and Jesse Owens. Actually he was one of my favorites. I used to write essays about him in school, all about his life. But really, I didn’t get to watch a lot of sports, never went to any big games. I do remember distinctively going to Dallas to watch Wayne Gretzky. It was his final year and my uncle got some tickets from his business partner, and invited us up to come and watch. It was really exciting. I had never seen hockey before, but I knew who Wayne Gretzky was because I had the video games. That was really exciting, a lot of fun to go to.


Most heartbreaking sports moment? Probably right now, when the Bulls aren’t even making the playoffs, is pretty heartbreaking. They’ve got so many great players and just on paper they’re the best they’ve been in a really long time. At the beginning of the year I was really excited, and then it just got worse and worse and worse. Derrick Rose came back and then periodically injured throughout the season. It’s the end of the year and they basically had to give up with two weeks left because they had no chance. It was pretty heartbreaking.


CK & FeiFei at the Golden State Warriors game for 73 wins