Dwyane Wade: Heat, Bulls, Cavs


The Story

Former Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls player Dwyane Wade has decided to reunite with his friend LeBron James as the newest member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now that the Cavs have traded Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas of the Celtics, Wade is looking to join on for a chance to grab a potential fourth championship title.

Wade’s Career

Wade played for the Miami Heat during his first 13 NBA seasons and is a self-proclaimed “Heat lifer.” In the process, he’s gathered many awards while playing alongside teammates LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Shaquille O’Neal, Alonzo Mourning, Jason Williams, and Gary Payton, to name a few.


  • 12x All-Star
  • 3x NBA Champ
  • 8x All-NBA
  • 3x All-Defensive
  • 2005-06 Finals MVP

During his time in Miami, Wade averaged 23.7 points per game with a 0.562 true shooting percentage and won two championships alongside LeBron James, a fellow 2003 draft class member.

In the 2016 off-season, Wade decided to sign with his hometown Chicago Bulls with teammates Rajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler. The Bulls finished the regular season eighth in the Eastern Conference, just beating out the Miami Heat for the last playoff spot. Despite the Heat setting an NBA record for the best second half of a season to tie Chicago at 41-41, a 2-1 head-to-head record gave the Bulls the tiebreaker. Still, the Bulls eventually lost the opening series against the Boston Celtics.

The Move

Wade will likely start for the Cavs because of the Kyrie-Isaiah swap and Thomas’ hip injury sustained during the postseason. Here’s a quick projection of what the new starting five would look like based on a linear regression of the past five seasons of player Win Shares – a measure of a player’s contribution (both offensive and defensive) to the team’s wins. Can this new five blow past the projections?


The Future

Ultimately, time will determine whether this is a good move for the future Hall of Famer. Although the Cavs have reached the NBA Finals in each of the past three seasons, winning one in the process, they’ll continue to face difficult opponents in the West – whether it be the Golden State Warriors with Curry and Durant, the Houston Rockets with Harden and Paul, or the newly formed Oklahoma City Thunder with Westbrook, George, and Anthony.

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NBA Kicks – Battle of the Shoes


An NBA player is known for his ball-handling skills on the court, defense, and how he contributes to the team, but what he wears on his feet can be just as significant and noteworthy. One brand of kicks dominates the feet of pro-ball players, but there are plenty of others that are represented in the NBA. Let’s dive in and take a look at the shoe brands basketball players wear, and how these brands break down by team and style.

It’s Gotta Be the Shoes


Nike brand shoes steal the show across the NBA, accounting for nearly 60 percent of players’ shoes. This comes as no surprise, though, as Nike is one of the most successful sneaker brands in the business, generating over $32 billion in revenue worldwide in 2016. They’ve sponsored many NBA athletes, and it’s unlikely that will change in the future.

The next most popular shoes worn by NBA players come from Adidas (nearly 17 percent) and Jordan (almost 14 percent). Under Armour footwear rounds out the top four at 4 percent, while a flurry of other brands makes up the rest, including Li-Ning, And1, Anta, Reebok, BrandBlack, and K1X.

The golden standard. @StephenCurry30 breaks into the top 10 all-time 3PT list rockin' the LTD Gold #Curry3Zer0.

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Teams and Their Preferences


Check out the breakdown above to see the most popular shoe brands on each team, as of early March. Boston, for example, favors Adidas more than the other brands, even Nike. The rest of the Atlantic Division looks to prefer Nike, with other brands making an appearance. The Nets, in particular, are pretty rounded out with different shoe brands, while the Raptors heavily favor Nike.

The Bulls in the Central Division are also pretty rounded out, favoring Nike above all, but three players wearing Jordan make their mark. Cleveland is 11 Nike to one Adidas wearer, and the Pistons also enjoy Nike, with four players wearing Jordan and one wearing Peak.

In the Northwest Division, while Nike yet again makes the biggest impact on the home courts, other brands, such as And1, Under Armour, and Li-Ning show up, and while the Adidas number isn’t as strong across the board, they do show up in every Northwest Division team.

There are a few different brands that show up in the Pacific Division, such as Anta for Golden State and BrandBlack for the Clippers. Adidas, Jordan, and Nike remain the most consistent in the division.

In the Southeast Division, there are a few brands aside from the most popular among the five teams, including Li-Ning, Peak, and Under Armour. The Magic, in particular, wear two brands of shoes – Nike (9) and Jordan (3). The Wizards follow suit, with eight players wearing Nike and one Jordan.

The Southwest Division is similar to the others, with Nike and Adidas leading the way, but there are a few outliers here and there, such as Under Armour for the Mavericks and Grizzlies.

These Brands Have it


Some shoe models are more popular than others among NBA players. Sixteen players wear the Adidas Crazy Explosive. Although the Air Jordan XXXI is the most popular among Jordan wearers, the brand is really well-represented by many players who wear other models.

As for Nike, there are a few that stand out. The Nike Kobe A.D. grabs the top spot and is worn by 38 NBA players, while the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 follows closely with 33 players. The Nike Kyrie 3 and the Nike LeBron Soldier 10 are next with 19 wearers each.

The other brands are pretty widely distributed, with many models being worn by one or two NBA players each.

Shoes of the Stars


While signature shoes are fairly common these days, they weren’t always. Walt Frazier was one of the first NBA players to be sponsored by a brand in the ’70s, but sponsorships and signature kicks are far more prevalent now. They really got a big push in the mid-1980s when Nike released their first Air Jordan shoe, and now there are more signature shoes out there for players and fans alike, which you can see evidence of here.

Today’s biggest NBA stars wear a variety of footgear. Isaiah Thomas, who plays for the Boston Celtics, rocks Nike Kobe A.D.s on his feet. As you may imagine, these are the signature shoes that were made for Kobe Bryant. Dwyane Wade, who now plays for the Chicago Bulls, rocks Li-Ning Wade All-City 5s.

The LeBron 14 'Out of Nowhere,' now available in SNKRS. #NikeBasketball #LeBron #LeBron14

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King James has his own long line of Nikes, including the LeBron 14s that he currently wears when he plays for Cleveland. Stephen Curry, of the Golden State Warriors, also has his own line of shoes and wears Under Armour Curry 3s. James Harden, of the Rockets, wears Adidas Harden Vol. 1s, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, of the Milwaukee Bucks, dons Nike Kobe X Elites.

While the Nike brand dominates in the NBA, players wear quite a few other brands, including Adidas, Jordan, and Under Armour.

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NBA Fashion Icons 2017

NBA-Best-Dressed-HeaderThe NBA All-Star Weekend has been adopted as an annual midseason tradition consisting of a wide variety of basketball events, such as the 3-point shootout and slam-dunk contest. It’s a break from the everyday routine players follow and serves as a promising source of entertainment for die-hard fans.  

During this period, the basketball community is granted the chance to catch up on the personal lives of their favorite ballers, as well as evaluate the highlights that occurred during the first half of the season. The Big Easy – New Orleans – hosted this year’s All-Star Weekend and invited the league’s top talent to not only showcase their skills but also create some of the most unforgettable moments in NBA history.

Who are the best-dressed players in the NBA

The fashionistas at Fanatics decided to use this break as a time to praise the best-dressed ballers of the 2016-17 season. Continue reading to see which NBA stars have “too much sauce.”

Russell Westbrook

3. Shades of Pink #whynot #fashionking

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It’s no surprise that Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) was voted best dressed by his peers last season considering the self-proclaimed “frame fanatic” created his own eyewear label. The street-style star has also been dubbed the “Fashion King” as he appeared fashion-forward at multiple shows during the last New York Fashion Week.  

Stephen Curry

Dress to impress with this great fall style! Shout out to the @ExpressRunway fall collection #ExpressMen

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Stephen Curry (@stephencurry30), the Golden State’s MVP, is also known for being conscious about his swag. In a recent article from The New York Times, the Warriors hotshot admitted that he will “stress over outfits for days.” As one would expect following this statement, Stephen surely does come dressed to impress.

Kevin Love

Kevin Love (@kevinlove) is quite new to the fashion game but is sure making a slam dunk with his snazzy ’fits. This Cleveland Cavalier is having no trouble at all out-dressing his opponents but has had some help along the way. The four-time All-Star was tapped by Banana Republic to serve as their inaugural style ambassador in 2016.

LeBron James

#StriveForGreatness🚀 #TheKidFromAkron👑 #RWTW🏅

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LeBron James (@kingjames) is a man of many talents, and one of them is having a keen eye for fashion. While he’s known as a king on the court, James also brings his A-game to the fashion scene by alternating between a distinct street style (pictured above) and a more classic look. Not to mention, his Nike-sponsored shoe line has conquered the sneaker culture since launching in 2003.

Iman Shumpert

Complex.com 📸 by @destinyfulfild

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Iman Shumpert (@imanshumpert) takes a more experimental approach with his style. The Cleveland guard’s wardrobe can be described as provocative, unruly, and a bit outlandish. Nevertheless, Shumpert has successfully mastered the street style and often displays his bold looks alongside his wife, Teyana Taylor.

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade (@dwyanewade), a modern gentleman, has a clear understanding that fashion comes and goes but style is forever. D-Wade wasn’t always a risk-taker, but upon kickstarting his career with the Miami Heat, the shooting guard quickly found the confidence to begin setting trends, rather than following them.

Fashion Free Throws

So, there you have it – the NBA’s best-dressed class of the 2016-17 season. With this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend in the books, it’s time to get back to business. Think you have what it takes to stand up tall next to these basketball fashion icons? Head over to Fanatics to shop for the hottest jerseys and NBA swag in the game!


Who are the teammates of Carmelo Anthony & Dwyane Wade

Teammates of Carmelo Anthony & Dwyane Wade

Since the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and National Basketball League (NBL) merged to form the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1949, thousands of men have suited up to hit the court for one of the 30 modern-day teams (or any number of teams past). This means that any given NBA player has an extensive “social network” of teammates, present and prior.

With this in mind, we examined two of this year’s All-Star selects and found over 100 connections for each player. Check out our interactive graphs that visualize the player-to-player connections for Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade over their careers. Each dot represents a single player, and the lines that go from dot to dot show baller associations.

Thirteen Seasons of Connections With Carmelo “Melo” Anthony

Carmelo Anthony was drafted third overall in 2003 by the Denver Nuggets, and the nine-time All-Star player has spent his professional career on two different teams – the Nuggets and the New York Knicks. During the 2012-13 season, he led the NBA in scoring; he averaged 28.7 points per game, and he currently ranks 39th in overall scoring with 20,924 points.

He’s developed connections to 122 different players over the course of his 13-season career. Although he excelled in the Olympic Games (he received a bronze medal in 2004 and a gold in both 2008 and 2012), our node graph only accounts for official NBA connections. Of note, he shared playing time with Jason Kidd (now the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks), who finished up his playing career with the Knicks during the 2012-13 season, and Allen Iverson, who shared the court with him in Denver.

Associating With Dwyane “Call Me Three” Wade

Dwyane Wade has clocked 12 years – and counting – with the Miami Heat, where he was picked fifth overall in the 2003 draft after a stellar year playing at Marquette University (which has since retired his jersey number). He’s helped the Heat capture three NBA titles (in 2006, 2012, and 2013) and is gearing up to play in his 12th NBA All-Star Game.

Along the way, he’s shared connections with 110 other NBA players (notably, King James and Shaq, both of whom played with the Heat during Wade’s tenure); he’s racked up a ton of honors as well, including All-Rookie First Team (2003-04), scoring leader and All-NBA First Team (2008-09), and three selections to the All-Defensive Third Team (2004-05, 2008-09, and 2009-10).

Wrapping Up

It’s easy to see how a long playing career (and All-Star status) can result in tons of connections along the timeline of the NBA. While these two ballers don’t share any mutual connections (probably because they’ve kept their team counts low), these stats convey how extensive the NBA family network really is.

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Using NBA roster data from Basketball-Reference.com, we created a data set containing each player’s name as well as the associated teams and years. If he played for multiple years or multiple teams, each pairing counted separately. With 4,336 players on 104 teams, we were left with 23,919 player and team pairs over 70 seasons.

The second data set matched players who played together. This yielded 181,886 player-to-player pairs over 70 seasons. In this blog post, we looked at the connections for Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade specifically.


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